Led by Kim Manganelli, PhD, Wisteria Writing Workshops will help you to begin your writing practice and give you the support and confidence to keep going.


Writing is a practice of beginning again (and again and again). Regardless of education or experience, each day writers have a decision to make: are we going to pick up our pens (or keyboards) and begin again? Or, are we going to allow our doubts, inner critics, and the wounding words from previous classroom, workshop, or publication experiences send us away from the page? Wisteria Writing Workshops provide writers of all levels of experience the practices and support to plant our first thoughts and impulses on the blank page. Like winding vines of wisteria, the material written in our workshops may later blossom into novels, poems, stories, letters, or memoirs, or they might simply stand on their own as beautiful wildflowers.



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Ready to take the next step toward creating a playful, joy-filled writing practice? 

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