....letters were letters then; and we made great prizes of them, and read them and studied them like books. Now the post comes rattling in twice a day, bringing short jerky notes, some without beginning or end, but just a little sharp sentence, which well-bred folks would think too abrupt to be spoken.
— Elizabeth Gaskell, My Lady Ludlow

you've got mail

I often find myself longing for the days of writing long letters à la my favorite Victorian heroines and dropping them in the mail to friends in far off places. Currently, most of my correspondence consists of emoji- and gif-filled texts that are amusing and delightful in their own way. But there are times when I long to write something more thoughtful, when I want to embrace the struggle of trying to put what I'm feeling into words rather than letting the perfectly-timed side eye of Prince or Viola Davis as Annalise Keating speak for me. So, my fellow writers and artists, I'm going to write monthly letters to you. Although they won't be written by hand, I hope they'll retain the spirit of the kind of long-form letters that can be enjoyed over a coffee or tea and that they might even become a resource that you can return to when you're in need of a bit of inspiration. In my letters, I'll share details of my writing practice, links to the books, poems, interviews, and podcasts that are currently inspiring me, as well as how I'm handling the many challenges that go along with trying to write a novel while working full time and trying to keep a tenacious toddler from emptying out all the kitty food bowls and dancing in the kibble. If this sounds like just the thing you would love to receive, please enter your information below.